Point of View -Lesson 1 of Cinder Book One

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SWBAT analyze text to provide an accurate explanation with evidence of point of view.

Big Idea

It's all about perspective.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is Trailer Tuesday, so I will show students a book trailer or two depending on length. I select trailers for new release books and great books that students aren't picking up.

There are several sites online for locating book trailers.  A quick search on you tube will locate several.  Of course, always preview the trailer before showing a class.


10 minutes

Today's lesson is very short as I want students to have reading time.  I know how important it is for them to spend time with the book to get into it. So, the lesson is essentially the video below which does an excellent job of explaining point of view.

*I'd like to give a shout out to "MrsDavisELA" who posted this on Youtube!  Thank you for sharing so the rest of us can pay it forward.

The great thing about having access to this video is that I can upload it to Edmodo, and students can view it as many times as they need or want.  I often have parents who thank me for making what we do in class accessible in this way.

At this point we will view and discuss the attached video.  I am linking the entire video here, but do not need the last few minutes of the video for class, so I will use the site www.tubechop.com to shorten the video I use with my class.  See the attached video for instructions about using this site.

Independent Work

35 minutes

Students will listen to the audio -picking up where we left in the last class - and follow in their books. As they do they will be very involved in the text, actively reading per the instructions on the Reading Circle sheets.

I will allow the class to read until the last five minutes of class time and record their stopping point.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

Wrap up time is spent allowing students to "debrief" independently - collecting their post its and/or completing their thoughts on their Reading Circle sheets. We always discuss questions or concerns before class is dismissed.