Visual Views on Education, Day 2

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SWBAT use visuals and their own experiences to make an argument by creating a cartoon of their day based on a model by cartoonist Roz Chast.

Big Idea

Illustrations are a succinct way to create a compelling argument.


Sharing Cartoons of a Day

40 minutes

Today students will share the cartoons they created for homework "What I Learned Yesterday in School" using Roz Chast's piece from yesterday's lesson as a model.  Classes are short today, and after lunch students will participate in the class Olympics (in other words, a day when not a lot of learning happens), so today's lesson will mostly focus on students sharing their work with peers and enjoying each-other's work.

Because these cartoons are relatively short, having each student present to the class and showing the cartoon on the screen with a document camera seems like it will get tedious, as well as fight the energy of the room by forcing everyone other than the presenter to be quiet.  Therefore, I will do kind of a speed-dating type of format where students will pair up, each take three minutes to share their cartoons and explain their reasoning behind them, and then switch partners.  They will probably not see everyone's cartoon, but we'll do at least five or six rounds of this, followed by a debriefing of the process before watching a short video.  This many rounds also gives me a chance to hear everyone's explanation for an initial assessment of how invested they were in the activity.  I have no intentions of grading this because of the context of the week, but I do want to get a sense of engagement for future consideration of the activity.

Video Analysis: Why I Hate School But Love Education

20 minutes

The students have started to more regularly mention things they have read or seen that relate to our classroom study, which is an awesome development.  To both acknowledge this and encourage more of it, I want to try to work in their resources when possible.  One student brought up this video "Why I Hate School But Love Education" a couple days ago, so I asked him to send me the link.  Given the context of the day, both in school and in the study of visual texts, today seems like a great time to use this piece.  

It is about six minutes long, so we'll watch the video, then have an open discussion about the claims the author makes, and also make some references to the visual devices he uses for rhetorical effect.