Setting Goals for Our Writing

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SWBAT determine meaningful goals for improving their writing by reviewing their graded written responses and conferring with the teacher.

Big Idea

In writing it is good to look at where you are...and set goals for improving.

Goal Setting, Part 2

This lesson will actually be taught about a month after the other lessons in this unit. The reason that I am including it here is because I want to make sure that you all know that a large part of my classroom community is also writing based. So, this lesson will chronologically fit after my unit on Persepolis and narrative non-fiction writing, later into quarter one of the school year. 

Similar to what I do to have students create reading goals, I will have students look at their state testing data to create goals for their writing. I have access to these scores and will print them out for students to review while we conference. In addition, I will have them review the two big pieces of writing they've already done for me this year.

Using their scores from the writing pre-assessment (the comparative piece written about Persepolis and Shakespeare) and their narratives (the personal memoir they wrote at the end of the Persepolis unit), I will have students complete a goal card highlighting what they'd like to work on in their writing this year. I like to wait a little longer to set these goals so that students have a few pieces of writing that I've graded to use in conjunction with their state test data as I think it give them a better sense of what they are doing in their writing in class, which isn't always the same as what they do on the standardized tests. 


10 minutes

We will read for 10 minutes. I will read with the students today.

Writing Review and Goal Setting

20 minutes

Today is going to be an interesting experiment. My teaching partner is doing a continuation lesson from our art analysis earlier in the week and I am going to be calling students up in small groups to have them review their first set of feedback posted in

To do this, we are bringing the traveling computer lab (a cart with 32 Chrome Book computers) into our classroom. I will keep 5 of the computers up with me and the students will use the other computers to look for examples of Renaissance art to do level 2 and 3 analysis.

My main intention with taking time to do this today is to encourage students to be reflective on their writing so they can develop and strengthen their writing (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.9-10.5) intentionally instead of accidentally. I find that students are great at generating ideas and kind of terrible at revising unless I provide time and structure. By having them review their feedback in class, I am hoping that they will begin to learn how to process what a writing coach/teacher tells them into goals. I also want to teach them how to read the program and and help them to understand what they can work on for their next writing assignment.