I'll Forget You as Soon as I Leave You Act II. sc. iv

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SWBAT identify and evaluate the use of physical humor in Shakespeare's plays and how it contributes to the overall plot and mood of the play.

Big Idea

How does humor move a plot along? Can humor make a story better? What are the different types of humor?

Examining Act II Sc. ii

25 minutes

We begin class by reading Act II sc. ii, a short scene where Valentine says good-bye to Julia.  There is a lot of ambiguity in this scene with the exchange of rings and Julia exiting in the middle of Proteus' good bye. I ask students to pay particular attention to the verbs in the scene and determine what physical actions they might suggest.

I instruct students to partner up and to add physical actions to the scene the way actors might play the scene out. 

We read through the scene and then I give the students a printed version of the scene.




Adding Physical Action to the Scene

25 minutes

Students partner up and I give them the printed scene.  I remind them that they can add as much action as they want, but they can't add speech. I give them twenty minutes to work and as they work I walk around the room and give them assistance. 

Wrap-Up Looking at One Interpretation of a Scene

5 minutes

Once students are done we read some the actions aloud and then we watch the same scene from a YouTube video of Green Stage Shakes (start video at 31:40).