Pronouns Galore!

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SWBAT identify and write using the correct form of reflexive, demonstrative, and intensive pronouns.

Big Idea

Practice makes perfect! Students practice identifying and writing with the correct form on pronouns!

Advanced Organizer

15 minutes

Dealing with pronouns is always a concept that requires some basic knowledge and then just memory. This is a lesson that can span as many days as you want it to and really is paced by the students' ability and skill.  There are some years when the students have a lot of knowledge and we get through the lesson in two or three days, then there are some years when I am doing the lesson over the course of a week. 

To begin, I like to review the notes from the previous lesson on personal pronouns.  I ask the students to review the definition from their notes.  I then ask them to share the definition with their shoulder partner, trying to rephrase it in their own words.  This process will help the students commit the definition to memory. 

 I will give the students the handout to quickly practice Pronouns and Antecedents from the previous days lessons.  I will allow the students 10 minutes to work. 

Once the time is up, I will have the students do a mix-pair-share to share their responses.  A mix-pair share is a fun way to get the students moving and engaged.  I have the students walk around the classroom, while I play music.  When the music stops, they stop.  The student they are standing the closest by, becomes their partner.  They take turns sharing their responses.  This activity builds social skills as well as a quick, fun way to check for understanding. 

Finally, I will display the handout and have the students pass the marker to come up and complete the activity on the smart board.  This again incorporates movement, and checks for understanding.  It is also very visual, allows for me to re-teach if necessary, and keeps the students on their toes.  They never know if they will be handed the marker!


25 minutes

Next, I will discuss with the students that there are a lot of different types of pronouns.  Each type has its own purpose and contributes to our writing in its own way.  I want the students to know what we are about to learn is important to our daily writing and speaking. 

Next, again to assist the students with their note taking skills, I will pass out Types of Pronouns Guided Notes page.  This will allow the students to learn to take notes, but also allow them to focus on my teaching as they are writing.  The sixth graders can sometimes focus so intently on writing down every word that they are not listening to what I am saying.  I have to almost train them on how to actively listen while taking notes.  I feel as if using guided notes aids me in that process. 

As I go through reflexive, intensive, and demonstrative pronouns, on the Pronouns power point, I will have the students complete their guided notes.  You can sue the additional guided notes on relative and interrogative pronouns for day 2 of this lesson or continue if you finish with time remaining. 


Guided Practice/Independent

20 minutes

Practice makes perfect! The only way to really get the students using the pronouns correctly is to provide them with as much practice as possible. 

Pass out the Personal, Reflexive, and Intensive Pronouns handout and read through the directions with the students.  Have the students work first with a shoulder partner to answer the questions 1-20 on the front and 1-20 on the back.   Allow the students 20 minutes to work.  As the students are working with their shoulder partner, I will walk around to monitor, reteach, clarify, and review as needed.  By working with their shoulder partners they are receiving some level of support.  The students are all grouped by ability and a pair will always have one higher performing student.  This provides a good model for the struggling student. 

As I check for understanding, I will try to identify any incorrect answers and have the students work at it again. This immediate feedback allows the students to fix and learn from their mistakes. 

Once the 20 minutes is up, I will display the correct answers on the board.  I will have the students check their own work.  This is guided practice and not collected for a grade or an assessment at this point. 


5 minutes

Closure Slip To allow the students time to process the information and assess their learning, I will have the students complete a closure slip.  I can also use this for assessment and to drive the development of my lesson planning. 

I simply ask the students to explain how we use pronouns in our writing.  Now that the students have seen the types of pronouns, I am hoping they are able to explain their purpose and place in our writing.