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SWBAT identify and use pronouns correctly within their writing.

Big Idea

Students are able to see what the world would be like without pronouns!

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

To help students understand the meaning and purpose behind using pronouns in our writing, I am going to ask the students to read a paragraph written with no pronouns.  They will then answer questions about the flow of the paragraph.  

By doing this, the students can see how pronouns affect our every day speaking and writing.  They will see the purpose in using pronouns and be more motivated to learn about them. 


15 minutes

When dealing with pronouns, although it may seem like an easy concept, I have found that every year my students struggle with it. 

I will begin by having the students title the next blank page in their spirals "Pronouns".  I will display the Pronouns power point and go through the first four slides.  This power point offers a lot of engaging images and sound effects, it is always a fun one to use!

I will have the students use the Pronoun Notes page to take notes from the power point.  Using guided notes allows my students to develop the note taking skills they don't have at the beginning of sixth grade.  Starting them with guided notes allows them to learn how to take notes before we expect them to do it all on their own.  

As I go through the first seven slides, I will have the students take notes on pronouns and personal pronouns.  I am hoping that the overall introduction of pronouns is a review.  With the gap that Common Core has created, some students may come with little practice working with pronouns.  This will allow me to fill in that gap and help move them on through the Common Core standards. 

Guided Practice

10 minutes

Next, before going into all the different types of pronouns, I just want them to get the basic understanding of being a word that takes the place of a noun.  To do this basic application, I will handout He Was A Giant

This activity is an easy, quick application of the use of pronouns.  It allows students to work, but find success.  As we define pronouns more, we will be dealing with more complex texts and therefore the skill will be challenged. 

Once students have done this on their own, I will display it onto the Smart Board and have the students come up to underline the pronouns.  I will use a system called a "rotating marker".  I will start off by underlining the first pronoun, then pass the marker to anyone in the class.  The process continues until all the pronouns are underlined.  The only rule is you cannot give the marker to a student who has already had the opportunity to go. 

This keeps the students engaged and learning.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

I want to see if the students can now apply the skill on their own and take an assessment.  I will have the students work on lesson 14.2 in their Writing and Grammar books.  The students must identify the pronoun and its' antecedent in 10 sentences. 

Then, I will ask the students to write a paragraph describing a memorable event that occurred to them without using pronouns.  This activity will really drive home the important role pronouns have on our every day language.  I love to let the students struggle through this activity as they express their frustration they are also realizing the relevance to our lesson. 

I will have the students work to complete and turn this activity in for a grade.  This will allow me to determine their readiness to move on a study the different types of pronouns. 



7 minutes

To asses the learning of my students and to help drive my future lesson planning, I will have the students complete a Closure Slip for the day.  I can collect this to use as an assessment as well. 

The question asks the students to explain how pronouns affect our writing.  This requires the students to not only know what a pronoun is, but to analyze the impact a pronoun has on our writing.  This will really let me know how much the students have taken away from this lesson.  I am anticipating them to do well because they just had to try and construct a paragraph without pronouns.  They felt first-hand how pronouns impact their writing.