Ambigouous Cases of the Law of Sines

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SWBAT use the Law of Sines to solve oblique triangles.

Big Idea

Students knowledge of the Law of Sines is extended as they study the ambiguous cases.

Homework Quiz

10 minutes

As a warm-up for today. I am going to have students complete a Homework Quiz over Worksheets #4-6 from this unit.** This quiz is a sampling of questions selected to quickly assess student’s current progress and gain some insight into how thoroughly students are completing their assigned homework.


** If you have personal response systems the quiz is programmed into the HW QUIZ #4-6.flipchart, page 1.

Explanation: Law of Sines -- The Ambigous Case

40 minutes

The ambiguous case of the Law of Sines is always a difficult topic for me to teach. My students really struggle with this concept. In the past I have employed Direct Instruction from a PowerPoint with mixed success. This year, I chose to use a video from TeacherTube that I think really helped my students to stay engaged and better understand the concept for my classes later in the day. I presented Slides 1-6 of the Law of Sines Ambigous Case PowerPoint, then I played the video. From this point, I jumped to Slide 14 and I finished the lesson by having students work the example problems.


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