Nouns Abound

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SWBAT identify nouns in a sentence

Big Idea

Students will be reviewing nouns by solving a riddle.

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

Even though the concept of nouns is not in our curriculum for 6th grade, it is essential they know what a noun is to move on to pronouns.  Pronouns are part of the Common Core Standards and in order for a student to master pronouns, they need to know nouns. 

To begin, I will have students, complete the Mad-Lib Handout to get them thinking about nouns.  Most students will only need a refresher on the concept.  The activity engages the students and helps them write examples that are meaningful and they can connect with. 

Once the students have completed the handout, I will have the students work in a Round Robin to share our their responses.  This will allow the students a chance to hear their peers thoughts and even help the students get to know one another. 


15 minutes

Now that students have had the opportunity to generate some nouns, we will work to master the concept. 

Pass out the handout Nouns 1.1 to the students and go through the definition of a noun.  Again, most students are going to be very comfortable with the concept and will only need a quick refresher.  The purpose of going over nouns is only to set the students up for our pronoun study. It can be very frustrating to start teaching a concept only to realize I have to stop to teach a skill. 

Have the students sort the lists they generated from the Advanced Organizer section to sort their nouns into common and proper categories.  This will reinforce the concept and help students recognize the different forms nouns can be written. 

As the students are sorting their nouns, they are writing a C or a P next to each one.  This will demonstrate their understanding.  I will monitor their work and provide re-teaching or prompting as necessary. 

This is a great activity to build self-esteem because most students have success with this concept.  

Guided Practice

25 minutes

It is time to put our knowledge to the test and solve the riddle! What's the quote? Using the Plus a Quotation handout,  students will work on identifying the nouns in each sentence.  They need to underline each noun and write the first letter of each noun on the line next to the sentence.  If the sentences are correct, it will spell out a famous quote and the author's name who said it! The students love this activity because it almost becomes a little competition.  They want to be the first one to solve the riddle. 

As the students are working, I will be walking around, pointing out mistakes, letting them know what sentences to correct.  By doing this, I will be keep the kids working and moving.  They will be forced to look back at their notes and make corrections.  It will provide immediate feedback and an opportunity to fix their mistakes. 

Once all students have completed the handout, I will display it and go over it as a class.  I like to give the quote first, and then go through each sentence.  This will allow the students to feel that validation. 


Independent Practice

15 minutes

Nouns Abound! Nothing says fun like a good ol' scavenger hunt! For this activity, I will have the students title the next blank page in their spirals "Nouns Abound".  I will instruct them they are going to get 10 minutes to collect as many nouns as they can fit onto the front and back of their spiral.  They are going to collect these nouns from around the school.  They will be working with a partner but collecting their own list.  I also want them to write all Common Nouns on the front of the page and all Proper Nouns on the back page. 

This activity is a fun, easy way to apply the definitions.  The students are working with their shoulder partner to provide support for one another. 

I will go over my rules and expectations of hallway behavior, and allow them time to work.  While they are working, I will be monitoring their progress in the hallway.

Once the 10 minutes are up, I will have the students come back to report out how many nouns they found.  This is always a fun activity that also familiarizes the students with the school. 


7 minutes

To provide my students the opportunity to process their learning as well as share their struggles or celebrations, I will have them complete a Closure Slip.  This slip can be used to assess my learners as well as drive my lesson development. 

I am basically just asking the students to provide me the definitions of the common and proper nouns.  This should not be difficult at all for them to do.