Using Trigonometric Ratios (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT use trigonometric ratios to solve a right triangle.

Big Idea

Students review basic right triangle trigonometry as a foundation for our next few units.

Finding Side Lengths

30 minutes

For today’s lesson, I decided to skip a warm-up problem and just jump right into the examples to save on time.

I began on page 26 of today’s Flipchart-Using Trignometric Ratios Day 1 and 2. Pages 26-29 illustrate examples of how to use trigonometry to find the missing side lengths of a right triangle. My students had no problem setting up the ratio, but I did see some mistakes in their solving process. So I was sure to model the examples as we went through them.

Pages 30-41 are checks for understanding that I implement using clickers. For the question on page 32 there is no correct answer selected because either sine or cosine would work depending on how students find the other angle. This is a good moment to review that alternate interior angles are congruent and/or how to find the compliment of the angle given.  The question on page 34 is really more of a test of whether or not students can round accurately. This still proves to be a challenge for some of my lower level students so this is a good opportunity to review rounding.

Since some of these problems are redundant, I plan to skip around as necessary. If most of my class gets two problems in a row correct, then I will skip to something more challenging. Later, I will go around and help students that selected a wrong answer on a 1-on-1 basis.

Closure: Quick Quiz

20 minutes

To bring closure to yesterday’s and today’s review lessons, I plan to have students take the Quick Quizzes 1-5, Using Trig Ratios (Quiz #1). As I did with the special right triangles quizzes, I am going to require students to keep taking the quiz until they get 100%. Students will have a second (and final) attempt at the quiz in tomorrow’s lesson, then they will need to retake on their own time.

Technology Note: The Quick Quiz Checker - Using Trig Ratios Day 2 of 2.flipchart has answers programmed in so students can enter a response in their clicker and the assessment is graded automatically!