Calculator Investigation: Special Right Triangles (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT identify the relationships between the lengths of the legs and the length of the hypotenuse of special right triangles.

Big Idea

Students use their Nspire Calculators to explore special right triangles and establish side length ratios which will be the foundation of our study of trigonometry.

Investigation Continued: Special Right Triangles

35 minutes

In the beginning part of class students will finish the Special Triangles Nspire activity from yesterday, Student Worksheet - Special_Right_Triangles. If you’d like to see the original lesson published by Texas Instruments you can find it here. The goal for this assignment is that students are able to identify the ratios that hold for the side lengths of special right triangles. During this section of the lesson, some key mathematical practices will be addressed: Special Right Triangle, Video Narrative, Mathematical Practices.

As students begin to wrap up their work on this investigation, I plan to have an informal share-out of their answers to question 8b. I will ask the class for volunteers to share the special triangles they learned about and any special relationships they found between the legs and hypotenuse. If students don’t readily volunteer to share, I will use a random calling method and ask each students that is selected to give me just one more fact. Again, I would start by asking. "What special triangles did we study? Then what did you notice about how the legs are related? How are the legs and hypotenuse related?" Etc. I will summarize their findings on the front board. This summary will help lead students into the next activity, the quick quizzes closure.

Closure: Quick Quizzes

15 minutes

To assess student’s current understanding of special right triangles students will take their first quick quiz (Version 1) on the clicker. For more information on how I plan to implement these quick quizzes, check out this video Special Right Triangles quick quiz closure.

Here are the Special Right Triangle Quick Quizzes that are described in the video:

Quick Quiz - Special Triangle

If you have access to a flipchart player, here is the flipchart with the answers programed in for the quizzes for quick grading: Quick Quiz Clicker Check - Special Right Triangles.flipchart


After the quiz I will assign Homework 2 - Fundamentals of Trigonometry for homework.