Steroid Use Among Teens - "Dying to Be Strong"

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Students will begin to study the impact of steroid use on teenagers through an analysis of an article originally published in Scholastic's SCOPE Magazine

Big Idea

Why Does a Kid Feel the Need to Take Steroids?

Anticipatory Set

5 minutes

The introduction to this lesson begins with the class adding information to a T-Chart on the front board. One side is reserved for reasons that people choose to use steroids. The other side is reserved for outcomes/effects. It is a great way to introduce the lesson because it helps the students to create a common understanding prior to reading the text. 

Instructional Input/Guided Practice

15 minutes

I always preview vocabulary from a text that may be difficult or unfamiliar for my students, and this lesson is no different. There are many terms in the article that relate to steroids and the human body that students are unlikely to have much familiarity with.

I have the students create Vocab Boxes in their ISNs, a strategy I use often. For this particular activity, I provide the students with the "what it is" component. We then talk through some ideas for what is appropriate to include in the "what it isn't" section to ensure all students have accurate and appropriate information.

Independent Practice

30 minutes

Students will then independently read the article from Scholastic Scope Magazine titled: "Dying to Be Strong" and will respond to a series of close reading questions. I used the questions that were provided by the magazine and modified them to suit my student's needs in order to prepare them for a future lesson.


The questions students are asked to respond to while reading are:

1. Reread the first full paragraph that begins on page 6. What can you infer about why doping
is banned in professional sports? Why is doping illegal? (inference)

2. What evidence in the “Fits of Rage” section shows that steroid use is unhealthy?
(text evidence)

3. Both “A Dangerous Quest” and “Muscle Mania” give reasons that some people take
steroids. How are the reasons provided in the two sections different? (compare and contrast)

4. Reread the message posted by Maverickcrash. What does he imply about big muscles?
Do you agree? Explain. (inference/analyzing)

5. What is the central idea of the “No Miracles” section? (central idea)