Multiplication and Division One Step Equations

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SWBAT solve one step equations using multiplication and division

Big Idea

Students will formalize their understanding of algebraic properties equality by solving equations using multiplication and division.


10 minutes

Students will practice adding and subtracting integers. During this activity, struggling learners have the option to use red and white integer chips to help them visualize the concept of zero pairs. Students who struggle with integers, but don't want to use integer chips can draw symbols on their paper to represent integers. For this method, students should represent positive numbers with an "o" and negative numbers with a "x". A zero pair consists of an x and o on top of each other.

The students will say their answers aloud to the class after 4 minutes. I will then ask the group if any patterns were identifiable, and how they used the patterns and their own prior knowledge to solve the remainder of the problems.

A student will read the objective aloud to the class: SWBAT solve one step equations using multiplication and division. 

I will ask the students how this objectives ties into the type of equations that we solved during our last class. I then ask students to make a prediction about today's objective based off of their knowledge of addition and subtraction one step equations.

Notes + Guided Practice

20 minutes

Today's lesson is similar to our previous lesson on addition and subtraction one step equations. I will solve each equation the same way and use the same line of questioning and reasoning done last class, with extra emphasis on the quotes in bold:

  • What is the variable?
  • What operation is happening to the variable right now?
  • How can we undo a number plus four?
  • According to our heading, only variables belong on this side of the equation. Which number is variable? Which term does not belong on this side? How can we undo this step?
  • Does this answer make sense in the problem? If I plug this answer into the original equation are both sides still equal?


Partner Practice

20 minutes

Students will practice solving one step equations using the ETA Hand to Mind product VersaTiles. Students will match correct responses to the numbered tiles in the black VersaTile case. If you do not have a VersaTiles classroom set, the assignment can still be completed by having students match questions and responses with pencil and paper.

Group Activity

20 minutes

The group activity for today's lesson is a relay race. This video provides the directions for the activity, as well as three rounds that were completed by my students.

Teacher Preparation: I wrote numbers using different color bubble letters on a piece of chart paper. Some of the numbers will be the solutions to the equations used in the race, and others will be chosen randomly. I then hung the chart paper in my classroom across from the board where students would be working. (See visual)



10 minutes

I will ask two students to give a 15 second summary of what we learned in class today. I will ask a third student to share out an easy way to help a struggling student remember inverse operations. Students will then complete md one step exit card.docx.