Introduction to Patterning

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Students will be able to create AB patterns.

Big Idea

In this lesson, children whip up some AB ice cream patterns.


15 minutes

To introduce the concept of patterns and how to extend them, I like to start with a simple AB pattern. We start off the lesson by watching a brief video (there is an ad that will need to be skipped over):

After we watch the video, I use unifix cubes to model AB patterns. As I am modeling, I ask my students to assist me. I build 4-5 different AB patterns with the class using the unifix cubes.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Once I feel the class has a handle on what an AB pattern is; I send them to their seats to build their own AB patterns using the unifix cubes. Here we are practicing:

Students must put their thumb up in the air to indicate they have built an AB pattern for me to view. If students are able to create the pattern, I will then ask them to create an AB ice cream pattern using their cubes (see resources). Here is an example of what this looks like:



Showing What I Know!

5 minutes