Concepts of 10 Bakery

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SWBAT represent a quantity using ten frames. SWBAT articulate how many tens are in a given number.

Big Idea

Students pretend that ten frames are trays of 10 cookies each as they work to fill orders at a bakery!

Setting Up the Learning

5 minutes


Yesterday we used ten frames to help us think about how many tens we were making. Let's do a count by 10s song to help get our brains ready for today's work!


We use tens to help us make numbers. Ten is our best friend and we can use it to make bigger quantities!


Your thinking job today is: How many tens are in a number and how do I show it with ten frames?

Opening Discussion

10 minutes

Today we are going to work at a bakery, filling orders of cookies. We have special trays at this bakery that hold 10 cookies, just like our ten frames hold 10 cubes.

Present problem: We have 30 cookies to put on trays. Each tray can hold 10 cookies. How many trays of 10 do we need?

Guiding Questions:

These questions help students learn how to work through a problem, this aligns to CCSS Mathematical Practice standard, "Make sense of and persevere through problems".

  • What is happening in this problem?
  • Partner Talk: What do we need to do to solve this problem? 
  • What tools could we use to help us think through this problem?

Student Work Time and Strategy Share

20 minutes

Student Work Time:

As students work, I float and take note of the strategies students are using. Some of the possible strategies are (from lowest to highest):  

  • Students count out 30 cubes. Students then take the cubes and put them into groups of 10.
  • Students make groups of 10 from the beginning and count the groups by 10 until they make 30.
  • Students use a counting strategy. 10, 20, 30, so 3 tens.
  • Students “just know” 3 because they know 30 is 3 tens. Push these students to explain how they could prove it.


Share Time:

I'll choose 2 student strategies to share with the class. We will create an anchor chart of how these 2 students solved the problem that other students can refer back to during their independent work time.

Guiding Questions:

  • How many trays of ten did we make?
  • How could we use tens to help us count these cubes? If we counted by 1s, would we get the same amount?
  • Why can we count these by 10s?
  • How many tens is that? Why do we say 3 tens instead of 30 tens? What do we have 30 of? 30 tens or 30 cookies? 

Independent Practice

15 minutes


1. Draw an order card.

2. Cut out the ten frames needed to fill that order.

3. Write how many tens.

Group A: Intervention

For these students, I will have them build the number out of cubes each time on ten frames. This concrete exposure is necessary for them to understand the picture.

Group B: Right on Track

I'll push these students to represent the number with the picture, without needing to take out the cubes to represent it.

Group C: Extension

I'll give these students larger numbers to see if they can generalize their understanding of groups of tens.

See Cookie Cards and Recording Sheet.docx for independent practice.


5 minutes

Watch this video  to see how I close out this lesson. You can find the quick images I use here.