AAB Patterns are Everywhere!

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Students will be able to build and extend AAB patterns.

Big Idea

Using a catchy pattern tune, students build hat patterns.


15 minutes

To introduce AAB patterns and how to extend them, we start off the lesson by watching the AAB Pattern Song:


I then model building AAB patterns with unifix cubes. For example: red, red, green, red, red, green. As I build the patterns, I will ask students to help me. I model 4-5 different AAB patterns.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

For practice, I send the children back to their seats where they practice making AAB patterns with unifix cubes. Here we are practicing:


Once I can see that students are successful building their AAB patterns, I ask them to color and label an AAB hat pattern.


10 minutes

To conclude our lesson, I have the children gather on the carpet for a story. I read, Pattern Bugs by Trudy Harris. This book asks children to identify the patterns around the border of each page. The patterns start out as simple AB patterns and become more complex.