iPad Expectations & Practice

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Students will be able to learn technology expectations and the proper way to handle iPads during math stations.

Big Idea

Kindergartners get very excited about the idea of using iPads in the classroom. This lesson lays the groundwork for them to be responsible technology users.

Expectations & Proper Care

25 minutes

In order to successfully use iPads during our math stations, it is imperative to set expectations. I begin this lesson by showing the students a classroom iPad. At this point, many students tell me they have one at home, which always helps!

I find it best to discuss the wrong way to use our technology and then have a student model the correct way. For example, I will carry the iPad around with one hand and gently swing it. I ask my class if this is the correct way to carry an iPad. They enthusiastically tell me NO! I will call on a student to tell me the right way to walk with the iPad. If they answer correctly, I will allow them to model the correct way. I found a really great poster with Classroom iPad Rules by Heidi Songs on Pinterest. 

I use this poster as my outline for discussing the expectations. The poster is displayed year round near my iPad station.