Sorting Assessment

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Students will be able to complete a performance assessment to demonstrate their sorting knowledge.

Big Idea

Students love sharing their knowledge with the teacher. In this assessment, students show what they know after a sorting unit.

Performance Assessment

10 minutes

This is an assessment I give to my students at the conclusion of our sorting unit (see resources). I give this assessment in small groups of 3-4 students during my math station rotation. While I am working with a small group on this assessment, the rest of the class is engaged in math stations. I prefer a small group setting, because I read each of the five questions to my students, and I am able to make sure the directions are clear. This assessment does not take more than 10 minutes per group, so I was able to pull multiple groups in one day. Overall, I was able to assess the entire class in two days.

This assessment was taken from my Houghton Mifflin math series. The assessment only includes five questions, however these questions encompass all the children have learned about sorting. Students are asked to sort by color, shape, size, and category.  

I believe question five addresses some higher level thinking. A large majority of my students immediately wanted to put the red apples into a group together, but realized that would leave two items, and only one item could be crossed off. I watched them reflect for a moment, before they successfully decided the orange did not belong. Question three proved difficult for some students, and I have addressed this in my reflection. I have also included a video of a student that after some thought, answered question three correctly.