"Flowers For Algernon" Excerpt Part 2

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Students will complete the excerpt from the story, "Flowers for Algernon" and continue analysis.

Big Idea

Everything Comes to an End, Eventually.

Anticipatory Set/Guided Practice

10 minutes

I start the class by asking the students to take out their timelines of the story and we create one on the SmartBoard that we can all agree upon.

I act as a scribe and write down a short phrase, as described by the students, that describes each section. If a student skips a key element, his or her peers are typically quick to interject. It is a great way to ensure all students understand the previous day's reading task and are able to effectively complete the story and understand how the many elements and aspects connect and rely on one another. 

Independent Practice

40 minutes

The remainder of the class period is reserved for students to read part two of the excerpt from Flowers for Algernon independently. Our text book skips over the entire development of the relationship with Miss Kinnian, and takes the students directly to roughly the end, when he begins to regress.  In this vein, the students use this story to watch the development of this character in direct correlation with the procedure.

During the reading, they are expected to continue writing their timeline of the story's events. When they finish the story, they are to decide whether having the procedure done was worth it or not for Charlie. They complete the FFA Charlie T-Chart graphic organizer that helps them to determine their official position on the topic, as well as to determine which evidence is most effective for supporting their position.