Poetry - Illustrating and Publishing Continued

Print Lesson


SWBAT continue their journey through the writing process by illustrating and creating the final versions of their poetry books.

Big Idea

We are in the final stages of the publishing process for our hardbound poetry book project. This is our second day of illustrating our books as well as creating the final versions of the the poetry for the books.


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

For lesson opener today, we will watch and YouTube video created by Simon James, author and illustrator.


 This video clip is great in so many ways. First, Simon James explains how when he writes he thinks about the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Then he shows how he sketches a book in the stapled paper mini book.  The book resembles many of the story creations that the kids create on their own. Simon James then takes us through the process of creating final illustrations for his books.

As a class, will talk about ideas that we might be able to use in our own illustrations.

Publishing and Illustrating Project

40 minutes

This is day two of working on our illustrations and final versions of our poems.  I will give the students ample time to get their creative juices flowing and out on paper.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

Again today will have sharing session on some of the illustrations we are able to come up with for her poems.

I will also have to break the news to the kids that our hard port bound books will not arrive until mid January.  I have known that this would be disappointing news for the students, so I put off telling them about this fact until after the project was completed so that I don't discourage them from the process.  :(