Poetry - Illustrating and Publishing

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SWBAT create the illustrations for their poetry book and and write the final edited and revised versions of their poems to send to the publisher.

Big Idea

We are in the final stages of the publishing process. Our poetry books are about become a reality! We will be creating illustrations and writing our final versions of our poems. EXCITING!


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

The day has finally arrived, when we get to create the actual pages that will be published! We will be using the company studentreasures.com to publish our poetry works of art. To start out the lesson, I will show the kids the book kits that have been sent from Student Treasures and explain to them how the kits work. The pages of the book kits can be a little confusing because the illustration for one poem is actually on the back of another poem because of the way the book opens when it is bound.

Publishing Project

40 minutes

As students begin their final writing and illustrating project, I will remind them that the paper sent by a Student Treasures is very glossy. They need to take extra care when creating their illustrations with the water-based markers so that they do not smear their art masterpieces. The same care needs to be taken when writing the poetry on the glossy paper and pen. I will remind them that their handwriting should be their very best. They should take their time and do their very best work on both the poems and the illustrations.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

To close the lesson, I will allow the students to each share one of their illustrations they've been working on. Hopefully this will not only give the kids an opportunity to share, but also give the kids ideas for their own illustrations and books. The kids always love to share.  :)