Poetry - Revison

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SWBAT take a deep look at their poetry writing and with the assistance of a peer, revise their work.

Big Idea

This is our revision lesson in our poetry publishing unit. We have written 10 different poems (or more) and will work to make them even better.


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

To start out our revision lesson today, we will view a YouTube video created by Kate Messner on revision. Kate Messner is a published author who talks about her own experiences writing books and going through the revision process. 

 After the video we will hold a class discussion on the students' response to the video. We will talk about what revision means and what revision looks like. we will especially take a look at what revision looks like for our poetry books.  

Peer Revision Session

40 minutes

For our revision project, the students will be working together in partners.  Each student will have a copy of the "Revision Checklist."  Students will be reading and making suggestions when possible.  I will challenge them to take a look at the different rules, rhythm patterns, rhyme patterns, etc. when reading through their partner's poetry. I will also remind them that we are revising content in our poetry and not focusing yet on spelling, grammar, or punctuation. We will be working on editing tomorrow. I will also provide the students with sticky notes where they can make comments and suggestions without totally marking up their partner's work.  I will give them plenty of time to read through, make suggestions, and try to revise their poetry.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

To follow up with the students, I will allow them opportunity to share some of the revisions that they made in their own poetry and how they feel the poem is now better than it was.  We will also discuss why revision is important especially if the work is going to be published.