Poetry - Peer Edit

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SWBAT edit their poetry with the help of a peer.

Big Idea

We are in the editing stage of our poetry publishing unit. Students will revise and edit their poetry with the assistance of a peer.


Lesson Opener

20 minutes

To start our lesson out today, I will pose the question,"How many of you have ever found a mistake while reading the book?"  We will talk for a little bit about some of the mistakes we have found while reading books.  


We will talk about the editing process and why it is important. We will also talk about the fact that most authors do their own revising and editing, as well as send their work to an editor who helps them with those processes as well. Even after going through extensive revising and editing, mistakes still slip through the cracks occasionally.  We are going to edit our own poetry and then send our poetry to a peer editor, in an effort to try and lesson any errors.

Peer Edit Session

40 minutes

For our peer editing project, I will have the children work in pairs whom I have strategically set up to help each other.  Each student will receive a copy of the "Editing Checklist." I will show the class how she use a dictionary to look up an unfamiliar word or to look up the spelling of the word. I will then give the students the opportunity of editing their own work and then editing the work of their peer partner.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

For our lesson closer today, I will let the students know that we will be holding writing conferences about their poetry writing.  I will explain to them that we will meet one on one and get to talk about their work. Hopefully they will be excited about the conferences.