Jig-Saw Teaching of Az Regions: An Adaptation of the Jig-Saw Discussion Activity, Day Two

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SWBAT to teach their classmates about the regions of Arizona through the creation of a factual group made poster.

Big Idea

To break up reading sections and to assign learning and teaching responsibility is the goal of this Jig-Saw activity. It supports cooperative learning, gives structural support, and creates ownership of learning.

Poster Point Review:

5 minutes

Before we begin and split back up into our groups, I want to review the rules of groups work. I want to make sure to ask them to reflect on what worked well and what didn't when working yesterday in their groups. I asked them to discuss what they could try to do better and how they could make sure that today went better. 

I am really glad we had this time. Students were very honest and had a great conversation about what worked and what could be better. As students move back to their groups, I call up the group leaders and remind them of their role and responsibility. I also give them the paper they filled out from the previous day. 

Poster Role Call:

5 minutes

Once students are back in their groups, the first piece is to have a role call on who is covering what section. This was decided the day before and this is just a brief check in led by the group leader to make sure everyone understands their role. 

Perfecting Our Points:

10 minutes

At this time, students need to begin using their history book to find their poster's facts. I do not give them their poster paper yet. I want them to add their facts to their own sheet of paper. If they are working in a pair then they can share a piece of paper. If you have scrap paper, this might be better to use since they are only writing a few sentences and will be recording their best work onto the poster. 

I remind students that their fact can not be straight from the book. I let them know that when you do that it is illegal and called plagiarism. This is all I say about it at this time. I further explain that what ever fact they use, they need to reword it into their words.

In order to move to the poster creation phase, the group leader needs to check everyone's facts. Once they have determined that each member has their facts then they need to relay to me they are ready for poster paper. 


Poster Perfection:

30 minutes

Before handing out the poster paper, I need to go over the guidelines for their posters. First, I explain that each member will have to write their fact or facts onto the poster with their neatest handwriting. Second, before they begin writing, they need to put their region as the title. Next, they will have to plan where each section will be located on the poster. Each student will use a pencil to add their facts to the agreed upon section location.


I then let them have their time to draft their poster. Once they have their facts down, they can get markers and dress it up. I encourage them to add pictures that represent their region to the poster too. 

Ready, Set, Action: Teaching the Class:

30 minutes

This portion of the lesson might have to happen on a different day. I had to move the presentation phase to a third day. 

During this phase of the lesson, students are going to present their region to the class. Before presentations begin, I ask each student to fold a piece of paper in half because they will be responsible for keeping a few notes they learn from each other's presentations. They also have to give a compliment to the group's presentation. This keeps everyone engaged and listening. 

Now each group is given a couple of minutes to decide how they will present their poster and give their facts. Right before presenting, I ask each presenter to speak loudly for all of us to hear and because the class is keeping notes. I ask the listeners to be respectful and to hold any questions they might have until the whole group has presented. Now, I get to sit back and watch them teach.