Grasshopper or Ant Point of View

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SWBAT to write a short narrative from a character's point of view based on the story "The Ant and the Grasshopper.

Big Idea

To begin understanding point of view students can focus on one character and draw their ideas from a story. They will then take on that character and write on their life as an ant or grasshopper.

Passage Practice:

10 minutes

To begin this lesson students need to part in reading the fable on the Ant and the Grasshopper by Aesop. I remind students to read closely. Although I am not actually having them read this passage as a CLOSE read, I want them practice using the strategies we have been practicing to help them understand what they are reading better. 

I encourage students to write along the margins any thoughts or ideas that come to them as they read. 

Fable Discussion and Gist:

10 minutes

To go over and check for understanding we have a debriefing or discussion on what they read and what they learned. In the discussion, I want students to focus on the characters. I facilitate the discussion and just lead students through the point of view of both characters. This is a fun discussion, but definitely needs a facilitator  so that the discussion stays focused to point of view.

Some point of view questions you can ask are: how the ant might have felt and why, and the same for the grasshopper. I ask students to also give evidence or proof to why they think or feel that the point of view of these characters would be this way.I try only to facilitate and let students carry the conversation. This is something they are new at, so it might be more difficult at first. They are used to waiting for the teacher to ask and look for answers. 


My Thoughts As A(n)......

15 minutes

The student practice piece is creating a written draft pretending to be that character and telling a story from that characters point of view. For my students who struggle with reading and writing, I ask them to retell the story that we read as a class to help them keep a structure that promotes them demonstrating point of view. Taking out a the demand of creating their own story from scratch, can help these students feel successful. They have the story to use to help them guide their thoughts. 

For the rest of my students I am asking them to use the word I in their writing even though they are telling the story as the grasshopper or ant. This can be tricky for them to carry on throughout their writing. Its a good start for focusing their attention on voice.