Garden Documentation with iPads

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SWBAT create colorful and meaningful slides that document our outdoor gardening process.

Big Idea

A fun lesson on incorporating the iPads to document a class project, and the many steps we took to get to our final masterpiece.

Project Purpose:

1 minutes

Our class is taking part in sustainability and healthy living project through our local hospital. The program is a gardening project. We are improving a part of the school grounds by restructuring, preparing, and creating a garden. This project will take eight weeks this fall and we will work on it eight weeks in the spring. This fall portion is preparing the soil, and redesigning the landscape. Students will take part int he project physically and mentally. We have to guides to help us with the project. They supply the tools and we used school PTA funds to support any materials needed.  

Project in Pieces:

20 minutes

With the project being spread out over time, we needed a way to document the work we are doing. Before beginning the project, the class decided that they would like to compare their work over time. We needed a way to do this and I said that they were going to have to do the work, but I would help them out. 

Students originally began coming up with ideas on how to document and track their work. When I mentioned that we could try to use the iPads to do this, it brought a lot of excitement. To understand how the process would work, I agreed to bring an iPad outside with us while we work and that different students would be in charge of capturing photos and collecting notes. 

Next Steps:

2 minutes

Every Monday for eight weeks the class will document their work on an iPad. They will take pictures, write notes, label, and record what they are doing. The idea is to have as much information as possible to use for a larger project later. I am thinking that we might make a class movie or set of movies explaining what we learned and how we changed our school.