My Name Goes POP!

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SWBAT to practice and identify the letters that spell his/her name. Student Objective: I can write my name and know the letters that spell it.

Big Idea

Students can spell and identify the letters in their names.


5 minutes

This lesson is designed for a small group.  In order to prepare the children for this lesson, I have printed and laminated name tags so that the students can write on the tags with dry-erase markers. I have the children trace over my writing of their name two or three times, reading the letters as they go.  I have them emphasize that the first letter is a capital letter.  By preparing the child is this manner, I feel that they are more comfortable being asked about the letters in the next part of the lesson.


10 minutes

Prior to working with the children, I have collected bubble wrap (the type with the large round bubbles). I cut the bubble wrap into 5 X 7 sized sheets, and with a permanent marker, I write the letters of the student's name with whom I am primarily focused.  On a blank die or cube, I put the same letters.

The child still has the name tag in front of him. Working side-by-side with an adult, the child identifies the letters in his name, reading the letters from left to right and then saying the letter sounds.  After some practice with the name tag, the teacher has the child roll the die.  The child finds the letter in the bubble wrap, says the letter sound, and pops the bubble.  The game repeats until all of the bubbles are popped.



2 minutes

Looking at the name tag, the child reads the letters back to the teacher.  The teacher asks the child to tell the sounds to her with accuracy.

Children that are ready to move beyond letters and sounds could do a similar activity with sight words.