Multiple Methods to Solve Problems with Quadratic Functions

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SWBAT use different methods to determine missing information about quadratic functions.

Big Idea

Give students problems that allow for multiple points of entry and let them use lots of time and technology to develop their own methods to solve them--after several days, you will be excited to see all the different methods they come up with!


40 minutes

Solving Problems using 1 Method

30 minutes

The idea is for students to work on these same problems two days in a row. Today, they can just use whatever method they prefer, and make sure they master it and can fully explain how it works. 

I name each method on the board:

1) x-intercepts

2) Product of Linear Factors

3) Vertex Form

Even though we have never really explained these methods, students are usually able to choose the name of the method they are using. I ask them to make sure that they can identify their preferred method and explain how it works. I tell them that tomorrow they will be responsible for teaching their method to another person, and will need to master another method to solve each of the 3 problems.