Presenting My Perspective on The Trail of Tears

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SWBAT present claims and findings on the Trail of Tears by referencing evidence read in speeches by President Jackson and Chief John Ross.

Big Idea

My Perspective is My TRUTH

Bell Ringer

5 minutes

Today students will present their posters on perspectives they have formulated about their study on the Trail of Tears. I will start class by going over the Perspective Poster Grading Rubric with students. Rubrics are the best way to grade presentation. It functions to provide students with clear expectations on the grades given to the presentation and visual. Usually a rubric is given prior to the due date of an assignment. I decided to hold off on providing students a grading rubric since a poster template was given which described how the project should be compiled together.

As I read just the "A" column of the rubric, students will look over their posters to ensure that they will be receiving the BEST grade for their oral and visual presentation. Since my expectation is for ALL groups to receive a 100 on this activity, no other columns of the rubric will be read aloud. However, I will give students a couple of minutes to make finishing touches to their poster as well as read the other columns of the rubric independently.

It's Presentation Time!

40 minutes

Students will present their posters to the class. Watch a student presentation of perspective poster to see one GREAT example of how students presented their opinions about the Trail of Tears.

At the end of each presentation, students in the audience can ask questions to gain clarity about elements seen or viewed during each presentation. I LOVED how all groups utilized the oral strengths of each member to enhance their presentation to the class. Groups did not have time to rehearse their presentations. Because of this, the video shows the authentic nature of my students being in front of an audience and a flip camera.


2 minutes

I will end class by asking two students to share something new learned about the key players in the Trail of Tears.

It is amazing to see how students brought in prior research from their Social Studies class to justify their understanding of President Jackson and Chief Ross. While students recognized that the information for their posters came from the same sources, it was great to see how groups presented information differently and made each presentation unique and memorable.