Geometric Constructions End of Unit Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of geometric constructions

Big Idea

Students will complete an end of unit assessment on geometric constructions.

Do Now

5 minutes

When the students first come into the room, I give them a few minutes to read through their notes. I also allow them to ask any last minute questions before I hand out the assessment. While the students are reading through their notes, I pass out the the compasses and straightedges. After about five minutes, I tell the students to put away their notes and I hand out the assessment.


40 minutes

While students are working on the assessment, I circulate around the classroom to ensure students stay on task and work independently. I answer questions about non-content vocabulary and clarify instructions, but answer little else. 

The students have the whole class period to work on the exam. If extra time is needed, I allow them to come back during lunch or after school to complete the exam. 

After I grade the assessment, I hand it back to the students and allow them to make test corrections for partial credit. My goal is for the students to learn the concept and correct misconceptions.