Geometric Construction Review

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SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of constructions through review

Big Idea

In this lesson, students will review the concepts learned in this unit and practice for an upcoming assessment.

Do Now

5 minutes

As students walk in the room, I have them write descriptions of the undefined terms "point," "line," and "plane." This is a review from the first lesson in the unit. After about three minutes, we discuss their descriptions and why the terms are called "undefined." This leads students into the next section where they practice various constructions.


35 minutes

Students review and practice the various constructions from throughout the unit. Since we have already spent time on the constructions, we do not go over them together, unless students need a refresher. The majority of students are able to perform the constructions without my help. When students do need help, I pair them with another student who is able to help his or her partner with the construction. Additionally, I have the students refer back to their notes to help them when they are stuck. 


5 minutes

At the end of the lesson, we go over the worksheet. I ask a few students to show their constructions on the document projector. We discuss the accuracy of the constructions and correct any errors the students have made.