Unit Review Game: The Row Game

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SWBAT use exponential and logarithmic functions to review for the assessment.

Big Idea

Get everyone involved and incorporate movement using The Row Game.

Check Review Assignment

25 minutes

To check yesterday's review assignment, put students in pairs with someone who is not at their table. They worked with the students at their tables yesterday so I want them to go over their review assignment with someone new. Have students take about 10 minutes to go over their answers for each problem on the review assignment. Tell students that if they did not get the same answer for a problem, they should discuss the problem and try to come to a consensus about what the correct answer is. After the 10 minutes, put the answer key on the board and have students find out how they did. While all of this is going on you could walk around the room and ask clarifying questions to get them thinking about the problems they got wrong.

Once the answers are posted and students have checked their work, have a class discussion about the problems they are still unsure about. When a student asks about a question, I will usually go through it together as a class or have another student present their work on the document camera. If I anticipate that the student made a procedural mistake, like in a problem where students must write different logarithmic terms as a single logarithm, then I will have a student present. If I feel that there is a conceptual misunderstanding, like when students compare y = logx to y = log(x^2), then we will go through it together.

The Row Game

25 minutes

I really like The Row Game because it gets all students in the class involved and it involves movement. Students sit way too much during a regular school day, so this is a nice way to get them moving around a little bit. The setup for the game is easy – put your students in rows and have 5 or 6 people per team. It is not imperative that each row have the same amount of students, but get as close as you can. In the video below I describe how to play The Row Game.

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Each slide in the PowerPoint is a different question for a different round. While going around the room and checking solutions it is really handy to walk along with a clipboard to keep track of everything. You can tell students to point to their solution as you go by so that the checking does not take too long. The students should be silent while working and should not be turning around to check their work with other people in their row. I am usually silent while I go around and check their work and then I will add each team’s points to the board at the end of each round. This builds the drama! After going through all of the questions, the team with the most points wins.