Exponential and Logarithmic Functions: Unit Assessment

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SWBAT solve problems using exponential and logarithmic functions.

Big Idea

Assess your students' understanding of this unit.

Unit Assessment

55 minutes

This is a short unit, so I am making my assessment shorter than normal. Normally each exam is worth 100 points, but I am making this exam worth 50 points to reflect the fact that we spent about half of the time as a normal unit.

In the document, you will see some sample problems that you may choose to use on your assessment. While not exhaustive, it will give you a sense of what to assess your students on. I have hit on all of the major topics, but I would definitely add a few more questions to be complete. Like the first two assessments, I want to have students explain their work (question 7) and make convincing arguments. This is aligned to MP3 where students must make viable arguments. As a teacher, you want to make sure that students are assessed on this; otherwise you are telling your students that it is not a priority in your class.

The focus of MP5 is to use appropriate tools strategically. This is really important for this assessment and I discuss this in the video below.

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