Applying Postulates and Theorems Involving Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal

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SWBAT solve problems involving parallel lines cut by a transversal providing justification for their solution processes.

Big Idea

It's not just solving for x; we have to think about 'why' too...In this lesson student solve problems related to parallel lines cut by a transversal and they justify their solutions.

Activating Prior Knowledge

15 minutes

Where We've Been: We've just finished proving theorems about angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal.

Where We're Going: These theorems will be used in several contexts later in the course. In the near future, we'll use the alternate interior angles theorem to help us prove that the interior angle measures of a triangle sum to 180 degrees.

For this section, students get to work on the Activating Prior Knowledge:PLCT resource. When students are finished (5-10 minutes), I go over the correct answers on the document camera.


20 minutes

For this section, I model the first problem from the PLCT_Problem Solving with Justification[Model] resource. I model the correct solution process, but more importantly, how to show and explain the solution.

Once I've modeled that problem, we're ready to move on to the next section.

Independent Practice

40 minutes

In this section, students try their hand at solving some problems involving parallel lines cut by a transversal. For this section, I use the PLCT_Problem Solving with Justification[Student] resource. There are four problems in total on the handout. I make double-sided copies but do not staple them. I like to hand out only problems 1 and 2 to the whole class at first. For many students, in my experience, doing a quality job on those two problems will require all of the allotted time.

A good number of students who say that they are finished end up needing some feedback and refinement before they produce a finished product.

For those students who are more advanced and achieve a finished product on problems 1 and 2, I keep problems 3 and 4 ready. These problems involve quadratic equations and systems of linear equations. This provides a good challenge and makes for  a teachable moment in which I get to hone some important algebra skills.

Problems 2 through 4 from the PLCT_Problem Solving with Justification[Model] resource are also available for students who finish the entire handout.