Multiplying Signed Fractions

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SWBAT to show what they know about adding and subtracting rational numbers and word problem applications by completing Quiz #4. SWBAT multiply signed fractions.

Big Idea

Students complete an assessment and begin working with multiplication of signed fractions.

Do Now - Quiz #4

30 minutes

Students enter silently. Quizzes are on their desks and they are to begin as soon as possible. Students are allowed to spread out and sit at empty tables. Instructions on the board advice students that all answers must be in simplest form and that they are to stand up and turn in their quiz to  receive their “Task + Homework” sheet.


10 minutes

Students are given a sheet of paper that reviews the rules for multiplying signed numbers (i.e. a negative time a negative is a positive). Then, a box is in included which reviews how to multiply signed fractions. Students are to complete the task (which is also the homework assignment) if they finish the quiz early


10 minutes

The last ten minutes of class is used to review the rules for multiplying signed numbers as well as how to multiply mixed numbers. In order to multiply mixed numbers students are asked to convert to mixed fractions and then multiply the numerators and multiply the denominators. If time allows, we also review the following concept included in the box as well:

“if fractions have common factors in the numerators and denominators, you can simplify before you multiply”

Students are asked to give a definition of a “factor”. Hearing responses from students allows me to check for understanding of this topic at different levels. This knowledge will inform my planning for the following week.