Publishing Pearls: Preparing Final Drafts

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SWBAT write a piece with idea development and organization appropriate to task and purpose.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students will take their edited drafts and turn them into final, complete drafts by creating a “Pearl Accordion Book”.

Enroll Students Into Learning

5 minutes

Today, I start the lesson by saying, “Boys and girls!  I am SO happy with your narratives!  I was reading them over and I have to say, these are some of the BEST stories I’ve ever read!  And you know what makes them so special?  That their YOUR stories!  I think that makes them the best stories!”

Experience Learning

5 minutes

Then I say, “I have a question for you:  How do authors share their stories? “  Students raise their hands and offer a variety of answers, but one students says, “Well, they go to a publisher who makes a nice copy of their story into a book!”  And I say, “Yes!  Exactly!  That’s exactly what they do!  And guess what?  That’s what we’re going to do today!  Can you believe it?  We’re going to produce our own published books!”

Label New Learning

5 minutes

I pull out our example of our “Pearl Accordion Book” and show the students how this book is going to showcase their writing!  I show how we have a minimum of three pages, but we can also add more if we need them!  I also show how there are lines so we can do some very nice, neat writing, but also have a space to add illustrations, because as we know, the illustrations help to tell the story just as much as the words do!  This is what publishing is all about! 

Demonstrate Skills and Assessment

5 minutes

Now the fun begins!  Students pick up their assembled “Pearl Accordion Book” and begin publishing!  This is SO much fun to see!  I remind the kids to make sure they do nice, neat work, as we want other readers to read our books and enjoy them!


5 minutes

When students are finished with their published copies, I collect them all!  Of course, I take pictures that I can use to share online with their parents on our classroom website!  But, I also tell the students that these are so special, we’ll have to spend a day just sharing our stories with each other!  Over the next few days, students  work to conclude their publishing, and when all the kids have finished their stories, we have a “Pearl Publishing Party” where we have fun “sea-inspired” treats and listen to each others’ stories!