Formative Assessment and Unit Review

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SWBAT use exponentials and logarithms to solve problems.

Big Idea

Review the concepts we have studied in this unit and get students ready for the assessment.

Self Assessment

15 minutes

I want my students to be able to gauge their own progress so that they can get a feel of how well they understand the concepts of the unit. Today they will self-assess themselves using a Quick Quiz.

Give the quiz to the students and let them know that they will have 15 minutes to complete all of the questions. I chose not to allow graphing calculators for this assessment. I want the students to think about the graphs of exponential and logarithmic functions conceptually. Since the resolution on many graphing calculators is not very precise, students often rely solely on what they see on the screen rather than thinking about what they know about the functions. Students should be working on their own without help from other students or notes just like if it were a test.

After 15 minutes, display the answers to the questions and have students check their work. This will give them a good idea of how they are progressing in the unit. Go over any questions that students may have.

Pay particular attention to Question 1. I find that students often have difficulty with the terminology “x approaches -4 from the right.” It helps to sketch out the graph and have them look at it from that angle. Another approach is to plug in values that get really close to -4 from the right (like -3.999) and to see what happens to the y values. MP5 is important in this case because students must choose an appropriate tool to use to find out what happens to f(x) in these cases.

Unit Review

35 minutes

After the self assessment, give students the unit review to work on in groups. Unlike the self-assessment quiz, I am allowing graphing calculators while they work on this assignment. This assignment will help to prepare them for their exam. Give students the rest of the class to work on it and they should complete the rest for homework. While they are working on it, check in with each group to see if they have any lingering questions about this unit. In the video below I have some notes about particular problems in the assignment.

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