Text Styles and Location

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Students will be able to identify the purpose of text features by recognizing text styles and analyzing its location.

Big Idea

Text structure, text style, and text location help locate key information efficiently.

Text Style and Location

20 minutes

   I believe it is important to review lessons students learned previously because students will only retain this knowledge if it is  continuously applied.  Real world application is essential for learning to have meaning to students. Common Core requires students to make connections that are either text based or based on personal experience.  I begin this lesson by reviewing  the chart that I introduced to students at our first lesson (see resource). Students also review the definitions and purpose of text features we already learned.  I focus on the part of the chart that shows the following information:

1. Heading- Descriptors that help the reader to group information and predict what will be read 

2. Subheading-A secondary heading added underneath a subject heading. It is used to divide entries under the subject into more specific subcategories.

3. Bold-faced Print -Dark words; calls attention to important words or terms; also shows which  words can be found in the glossary.  To highlight certain aspects of your resume, use bold print. Bold print the heading, position titles, employers, and degrees you have earned to highlight your credentials.  

4.Italics- Words that are slanted or sloped to the right; calls attention to important words or terms; also shows which words can be found in the glossary 

     On my Promethean board, we use responders to conduct a mini multiple choice quiz focusing on definitions of text feature (see resource). This is also a way I conduct formative assessments during my lessons.  Interactive technology-based assessments are more engaging and enjoyable than pencil and paper tests. Accessing prior knowledge and retention of new knowledge is always beneficial for my teaching strategy.  Reviewing all the text features learned ensures that they will not be forgotten and replaced with the new knowledge introduced today because knowledge should be comprehensive and cumulative. Integration of technology is also a major component of Common Core learning.

Scavenger Hunt

20 minutes

     Students will now participate in a scavenger hunt to locate text features from their accumulated knowledge since the first lesson on text feature.  It is important to review all text features learned in each lesson.  Past experience tells me that focusing only on the text features introduced in this lesson is not enough.  Students need to review all text features learned in order to retain their knowledge and apply what they know on an ongoing basis. 

Using their chart and a variety of books, articles, media,  students locate as many  text features as they can given an allotetd time.  I give students sticky notes to label samples of the text feature they locate. I time them  to see which team can locate the most in 15 minutes.  This becomes a very engaging activity that relies on teamwork, especially when time is limited.  Teams must strategize and work effectively.

Wrapping Up

20 minutes

     After the scavenger time, we share the information we gained today.  I often videotape students as I walk around during their scavenger hunt.  I also ask students to present their findings as I videotape them. This is an efficient way to store information and replay back to students so they can conduct a self-analysis as they watch themselves in action.  I project my video of students working and presenting to the entire class for feedback. Afterwards, I ask students to rate themselves on where they fall on the rubric.  They show me by holding up their fingers corresponding to the number rating on the rubric (see resource).  Self-analysis is important in order to realistically reflect on what our needs are as well a truthfully assessing where student are on the scale.  Self assessment often involves opinion vs. reality.  The video does not lie. It is an accurate depiction.