Over the Rainbow

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Students will identify their favorite color, and graph.

Big Idea

Students review and conclude our color unit. Students graph their favorite colors.

Color Review

5 minutes

To begin this lesson and conclude our unit, I play the color song below. There is an ad that will need to be skipped. I pause the video at my starting point.

The song can be found on YouTube at:



20 minutes

To finish up our unit, the class creates a graph of our favorite colors. I give each child a crayon and direct them to color the crayon with their favorite color. The resource has 3 crayons per page for copying purposes. Some tudents will say they have a couple of favorite colors, so it is important to stress that they must choose only 1 color for this activity. I direct the class to cut out the crayon when coloring is complete.

We then gather on the carpet with our crayons, and graph our favorite colors. I will lead a discussion on which color is the most and least popular among our class as we create the graph. I leave the graph displayed in our room for a couple of weeks.


15 minutes

If time permits, I will have students draw a picture of something that is the same color as their favorite color. For example, my favorite color is yellow, so I could draw a sun. I will then have them attempt to "stretch out" the color word and write it.