Multiplication and First Quarter Assessment

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Students will be able to show progression of mastery of 4.OA.2, 4.OA.4, 4.NBT.A.2 and 4.NBT.5,

Big Idea

Students will take an assessment to demonstrate current skill level.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Students will solve and then show their answers to a multiplication problem for this warm up.  Students solve on a whiteboard and then hold their whiteboards up to show me and their classmates their answer. Everyone solves the same problem for this warm up.  Then I briefly choose a strategy and talk through how to do the problem.

I chose this as a warm up because I want my student to hear my using place value and related math words when describing about how to solve a double digit by double digit multiplication problem. I've noticed in some of their exit ticket, and daily work that some students are using very vague words when talking about how to solve problems. The more often they hear me using this language, I believe they will in turn use it as well. 


Concept Development

40 minutes

This is a unit and quarter test. Students will solve multiplication comparison problems, multiplication problems as well as some place value problems.  While it is crucial that students’ work, abilities and progress be tracked and assessed throughout the entire learning process, it is also important that I have proof of what students have learned during that process. This assessment tells me and the student what areas are clear to the student, and which will require more work.

In the resource section, you will find the pages of this assessment, as well as recording sheets for how I record and track students' progress.  These recording sheets go to all the fourth grade teachers on my team so they have information to talk with parents about at parent teacher conferences.  The tracking sheets are also used to place kids into intervention groups in SuccessMaker math, which is an adaptive computer based intervention program, as well as provide for groupings in our teacher created intervention time. 

Click below to see a way I record students results from assessments.

standard tracker

class tracker multiplication 


Students completed this assessment in one sitting. About 7 students out of 80 needed additional time.