Finish Fishbowl Discussion

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SWBAT discuss the themes and character development in a text by engaging in a fishbowl discussion.

Big Idea

Students who can lead themselves in discussion are on the path of self-directed learning.

Remind on Group Norms

10 minutes

I will begin this class by reminding students of the norms that they established the day before. I will write on the board the following norms.  The purpose of this episode is toe equip students with a reminder of the norms so that they are ready go engage each other and to support each other's learning as well as their own (SL9-10.6). 

1.) Everyone participates.

2.) Respect all participants.

3.) Include everyone.

4.) Use the text to support your responses.

5.) Have fun.

I will write each of these norms on the board and ask the students to place one post-it next to the topic that they feel we did well in enacting yesterday.  In this way, the class will have a quick, impressionistic glance showing our strengths.  

I plan to follow-up by asking them which areas for improvement exist.  How can we make the fishbowl even more amazing?

Fishbowl Groups #2-#5

35 minutes

Students will complete the fishbowl discussions, each group at a time, about 10-15 minutes per group.  I have scheduled a particular student to lead each of the base groups. The idea is to give the students the chance to adapt their speaking input to the various roles that they will take: facilitator, fishbowl participant, and classroom questioner.  In order to facilitate the last role, students will take notes during the discussions so that their follow-up discussions can be on track and informed.  In this way, the students enact a student-centered speech genre in which they support one another and create meaning (RL9-10.1).  By negotiating and reinforcing important roles with one another, they learn to create meaning in viable ways. 

It will be interesting to see how the various personalities that are emerging in my class will take to the roles that they have available.  It's going to be a good day, I am sure. 


5 minutes

At the close of each fishbowl group, I ask the students to write notes on their note sheets.  We will be using these as the basis for their work on upcoming argument writing, so they are significant.  During this lesson section, I will look for the presence of student interest in writing down some of these key ideas, and I am hoping for 100% participation on that level.  For students who might struggle, I will use proximity to stand near them to offer a word of encouragement, and for some students who may struggle, I will take down a note or two in my teacher's journal so that I remember to marshal additional support for the student when it will come time to write a long essay on the book.