Using Reading Strategies: It's Your Choice! - Chapter 8

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SWBAT read and comprehend fiction text by using a self-selected reading strategy.

Big Idea

Which strategy will you choose?


5 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I have students take out our strategies chart from yesterday.  I will ask some guiding questions about what type of strategies work for different types of reading.  We also talk about the strategy the class chose for chapter 7 and why we selected that particular strategy.


Getting Down to Business

40 minutes

Once we have activated our prior knowledge, it's time to get down to business.  Students will now either read or listen to chapter 8.

The task today is this: students will choose one of the remaining four strategies to use for chapter 8.  They can't use the same one we did yesterday.

Not only do they need to complete a strategy for the chapter, I also have them write a paragraph explaining the rationale of their choice. 

Did They Get It?

5 minutes

When I'm looking at these papers, I'm really looking to see their thought process on why they selected a particular strategy. 

I want to see them mention that they did a context clues activity because there were unfamiliar words, or that they did a summary because they wanted to keep the events straight in their minds, or that they wanted to remember what the scene looked like by drawing a picture.