What's Your Purpose?

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SWBAT analyze complex text to determine author's purpose.

Big Idea

Students indulge in PIES to help assist them in determining author's purpose.

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

Purpose is something that every middle schooler can relate to.  They are always looking for the why! "Why do I have to read this? Why do I have to write this?"  Knowing the purpose of something is an innate drive we all have.  Before I have the students look at text for author's purpose, I need them to start thinking about purposes and how having a purpose can drive or motivate them. 

I will first ask the students to divide the next blank page in their spiral into four sections PIES Graphic Organizer.  I will have them title it "MY PIES".  I will have them put the letter "P" in one box, "I" in the second, "E" in the third, and "S" in the last box.  

The first question I will ask the students to answer, is "What is something you would like to persuade someone else to do?"  It could be to try something, eat something, stop doing something.  I'll have them write their response under the P-for persuade.  Next, they are asked to write about something they would like to be more informed on and record their response under the "I".   I'll give them ideas from my own personal life-such as crossfit, clean eating recipes, saving money, etc..  Then, the students are asked to pick a story in their lives that they would consider entertaining. They will record the description of that story under the "E" Finally, they are asked to think of something they can self-reflect on and record their response under the letter "S".  I may model each one first, before having them work to complete.  The modeling demonstrates how I picked my topics and provides the students with some examples they may be able to bounce off of. 

I will allow the students time to brainstorm.  These connections are important because it will help them identify an author's purpose in writing after thinking about their own purposes for writing. 

Once the students have had the opportunity to brainstorm-I will ask the students to share in a Round Robin.  This will allow them to hear how each students' example fits under one of the "purposes".    


25 minutes

I am anticipating this lesson to be a refresher.  The students have all received instruction on author's purpose in previous years, but because of the gap Common Core has created in our transition year, it is important to teach it.  The students need to have a good understanding for author's purpose to move on to the next concept of author's perspective and point of view. 

Knowing my learners love to use the graphic organizers, I will begin by having the students cut out and color the PIES Graphic Organizer  I do not want this to be a long process.  I set the timer for four minutes.  They can cut it out, glue it in, and if there is time left, they can color.  Most students will finish the coloring on their own time.  The graphic organizer is a great tool for them to use when reviewing their notes. 

I will display the  Author's Purpose power point and have the students copy down the definition for author's purpose using the graphic organizer.  They will record each definition under the corresponding letter.  This will help the students transfer the information and process what they are learning. 


Guided Practice/Independent

15 minutes

To start the students off and practice the skill, I will have the students complete the Authors Purpose Guided Practice in their groups.  I will also use this activity to practice our discussion skills.  I will use a structure with the students called a "Round Table".  During a "Round Table", the group will get a copy of the handout Author's Purpose.  I will have each student read the question to the group, the group discusses the question and the student writes.  The role changes for each question.  This activity engages every student and holds every student accountable.  It also provides support for the students who are struggling.  The groups are all mixed ability groups to provide a balance of skill level and support. 

Once the groups have finished the work, I will display the questions and as a class we will discuss each question and check our answers. 


7 minutes

To help me assess my students' learning and to help the students process and assess their own learning, I will have the students complete a Closure Slip.  I will use the information to re-teach and write my future lessons. 

Asking students these questions forces them to recall the information we learned throughout the lesson today.  It then asks them to explain what they know from the lesson.  I expect students to do well with today's lesson, I am expecting it to be a lot of review.  The students have worked with author's purpose before, just not with the complex text we used today.  I think the skill basis is there, just pushed a little more with harder text.