Using New Vocabulary in a Summary: Chapter 6

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SWBAT provide an objective summary of chapter 6 of Tom Sawyer utilizing new vocabulary words from the students' own notes.

Big Idea

Let's take those new words out for a spin!


10 minutes

When students come into class, I ask them to take out their vocabulary Cornell Notes from yesterday and the Organizing Our Strategies resource.

To begin today's lesson, we're going to add a new strategy to our resource.  I call it, "Preview Vocabulary."  Students can fill out the portion of the chart under "What We Did."  The "How It Helped" section will be completed at the end of class today.

Once they have completed this task, I ask them to take a minute or two to review the words we studied yesterday.

Getting Down to Business

35 minutes

There are a few way students can read this chapter.  You have have them read silently or aloud, as this chapter is quite accessible.  Not only does it not have as much unfamiliar dialect, students are also familiar with some of the more difficult words they are going to encounter.

The audio is also an option, and is a good choice for your lower-level classes.  It keeps the students all together and ensures that you will finish at the same time, so you can move on to the next step of the activity as a class.

The next step of this lesson can go two ways.  I make my choice depending on whether I'm working with General Ed. students or Pre-AP students.

Gen. Ed.: I will display the following paragraph.  Students copy it into the summary section of the notes we created yesterday.  They fill in the blanks with our vocabulary words.

Tom is a little boy who doesn't like to go to school. 
He wishes he was sick, so he ____________ his system
looking for an ______________.  However, Aunt Polly
knows he's not sick and makes him go to school.  On
the way there, Tom runs into Huckleberry Finn, the town __________.  They discuss different ways to remove warts.  Tom gets in trouble for being late to school but is ____________ when he gets to talk to Becky Thatcher.

Advanced: I will have students create a summary with our questions.  I challenge them to use at least three vocabulary words in their summary.

Did They Get It?

5 minutes

For gen. ed. students, we go over the answers as a class, and students can fix their answers as we go.  My advanced students share their paragraphs with an elbow partner and they are welcome to make any revisions to their work based on peer feedback.

You can collect this assignment as a formative assessment or it can remain in their binders to be used as a reference.

Before students leave for the day, I also ask them to complete the "How It Helped" section of the Organizing our Strategies resource for "Preview Vocabulary."