Strategy Groups

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SWBAT function in a small strategy group respecting others, being prepared, and being engaged in learning

Big Idea

Pump it Up! Increase the effectiveness of lessons with strategy groups

My Lens

Armed with 2-3 weeks of informal observational data and one written assessment- I grouped students into strategy groups.

I have two push-in teachers for reading who come in for 30 mins each at different times starting October 1.  I wanted to shape how they support students through strategy groups.

To form groups I used reading behaviors and running records of leveled texts.  Kids who are at or above grade level need the fewest number of meetings per week, next comes the students who can read- but vocabulary gets in the way of envisionment- so they lose their way in the passage- and they are usually in too challenging of a book.  They can read the words but they are not living the story.  So they lose interest- switch books, mess around- etc.

Next are the kids who struggle with comprehension for different reasons.  They have too few of hours interacting with the process of reading so they mentally tire easily.  They need to develop stamina.

Next are the kids who are just learning to read- because they are new to the United States or have another story as to why they are in fifth grade and haven't learned to read.  But they are in luck!  This is the year they will learn to love reading.  Im sure of it!

The Multi-purpose Strategy Group

15 minutes

Strategy groups happen when the other kids are independent reading.  It usually takes me a couple weeks to begin strategy groups because it takes that long to get kids matched to books and actually reading.  I sit on the carpet with my students.  I met with this group of PQ readers to get them organized and to check in with them.   I checked their reading logs and handed out a new kind of log  that lets them track the books that they complete.