The Great Gatsby Summative Assessment

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SWBAT write arguments to support claims in an analysis of The Great Gatsby using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.

Big Idea

Summative Assessment qualifies knowledge of The Great Gatsby.


This lesson is the summative assessment for The Great Gatsby.  I construct the test using a variety of testing techniques.  There are multiple choice questions that assess critical reading skills, short answers to give students an ability to recall and evaluate specific information, and last, there is a choice of essay.

After the test, I have students watch the movie of The Great Gatsby as a way to look at a director's interpretation of Fitzgerald's book.  Students will complete a movie sheet that asks them to evaluate the director's choices and why certain things were changed in the movie.  I have students watch the 1974 version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow because it is the most purist form of the movie.  If there is time later, we can compare this version to the flashy current version with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gothic Vocabulary: Flashcard Presentations

10 minutes

I will ask students to come to the front of the class to showcase their flashcard based on their assigned vocabulary word.  As stated in previous lessons, students have been assigned one word from a list and construct a flashcard based on the following criteria:

  • One side: Visual representing the meaning of the word
  • Second side: 

                     Latin and Greek Roots

                     part of speech

                     Connotation: "What does word sound like?"

                     Denotation: exact meaning of word

                     Write the word in a sentence demonstrating proper usage.

I usually select a students to run through the flashcards each day in a whole-class activity.  I try to use repetition and reinforcement to familiarize students with words.

Additionally, students should learn a few words a night as an on-going homework assignment.  Test is the next day.

Gatsby Summative Assessment

35 minutes

Here, I will have students take the test for The Great Gatsby.  The questions on the test touch upon many of the discussions that we have had in class.  I ask students to consider the motives of both Gatsby and Daisy and whether they were truly in love or what each represented.  I will also assess some of the narrative choices made by Fitzgerald.  This test is very text dependent and requires students to make many inferences.  The test has been re-tooled to be CCSS aligned.  The test is anchored in the character notebook activities.  Depending on the level of the class, I do allow students to use their character notebooks.

The Great Gatsby: The Movie

35 minutes

I have students watch the movie and answer questions on a movie sheet that ask them to evaluate the director's choices.  This activity is CCSS aligned as students analyze multiple interpretations of a story though another medium. (RL 11-12 7).