The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Summative Assessment

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SWBAT identify and create examples of cause and effect relationships.

Big Idea

Learning about cause and effect text structure is necessary to understanding pieces of nonfiction text.

Summative Assessment

30 minutes

Today is the day I've been waiting for- ASSESSMENT DAY!!  If I've done my job the way I'm supposed to- the way I think I have, I should see a huge improvement in my students' scores on this assessment.

As I've said before, in my teacher based team meetings, we have decided that pre and post assessments should be the same material.  Makes sense I guess.  Anyway, I followed protocol and gave this assessment.  

This test consists of different types of questions in order to assess different aspects of cause and effect.  I first want to make sure they can tell which is which- that is the first two questions. 
I also want to make sure that they can match cause and effect and fill in the appropriate cause or effect.  Finally and most importantly, I wanted them to find cause and effect relationships in text.  Currently, all of these types of questions can be found on our standardized tests.