If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: Last Day

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SWBAT evaluate their own and others' pieces of writing to produce coherent, high quality final copies of their own cause and effect stories.

Big Idea

Being able to create a story with cause and effect text structure demonstrates a good understanding of cause and effect relationships.

If You Give Them Time To Think

10 minutes

The focus of this lesson is on finishing up books but also, and just as importantly on letting students work together to edit and review each other's work.  It is so important for students to develop the skill of self reflection.  Once they see the connection between reflecting and being successful, they will have a tool in their toolbox that will be invaluable throughout their lives.

We begin this lesson by doing one last rubric check.  Students need to look at their project in line with their rubric and decide what they still need to do.   I separate those who are not finished from those who are so those who are ready to check their books can do it without distracting those who are finishing up.  I sit with those who are finishing to keep them on task and focused.


If You Let Them Work Together

40 minutes

After the rubric check and separation, I let the students work together to evaluate teach other's work.  They sit with the rubric and the work and go through step by step and word by word.  Partners circle misspellings and punctuation mistakes to help their classmates score higher, but it is the conversations here that floored me.  They were really pointing out and teaching each other, "Look, here you used the wrong kind of to.  You put t-o and you need t-o-o because there are too many of them."  I also heard, "This doesn't make sense to me.  What were you trying to say?"   It was amazing!!

I told the students they had to have at least two people check their work before they could begin adding color.  


They Will Give You Their Best

10 minutes

After all students had finished and cleaned up, we gathered back together and had students actually read their books aloud to the class like they were the teacher.  This was good practice because our "buddy" class is a kindergarten class and our next stop was to read the books to them!!

The last thing to do was complete the self- evaluation and our books were finished!!