Become the Author: Finishing Up

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SWBAT look at a nonfiction text and create the text features that would be most helpful in helping a person to comprehend the text.

Big Idea

Putting students in a real life, unpredictable situation increases the rigor and will further their understanding of nonfiction text features.

Authors Check In

10 minutes

When the students enter, they will already find their materials already on their desks including their check in sheet from the previous day.  What they quickly find out, though, is that their materials are not at THEIR desks.  I have grouped the students by which point in the project they are.  For example, if some students were working on an index, I put them together.  

I do take a quick second to explain to the students why their seats are moved and my thinking behind moving them into the groups I did.  I tell them that we are finishing today so they need to keep checking their sheets to make sure they stay on track.  I love this strategy to make students accountable for their own progress through the project.


Authors Meet Deadlines

40 minutes

After I explain the groups, I teach a mini lesson on deadlines- how we all have them and what some of theirs are.  We talk about the importance of meeting deadlines and consequences for not meeting them.  I then discuss with them how authors have deadlines with their publishers and if they don't meet the deadlines, the book can't go to press on time and they lose out on money.  Today, it is their job to help their author meet their deadline.  They must finish all their text features by the end of class today.  

I have them look over their check in sheet to begin the work for today.  

Again, I use the work time to sit with groups that may not be as far along.  I call it helping them and it may be but it is also my sneaky way to keep them on task so they finish in the allotted time.


Authors Complete Projects

10 minutes

Near the end of the class, I begin the process of having students put their text features in their books.  We put the rubrics (unfolded and untrimmed) inside the front cover of their chosen book and I collect the books, materials and rubrics.  

I have students complete the exit ticket and tell them that tomorrow they will be completing the nonfiction text features post test.