Wrapping Citation Work: Concluding the Search for Sources

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SWBAT locate, evaluate, and document their required sources in order to provide evidence for their persuasive claims, using both traditional card catalogs and on-line database resources, demonstrating understanding by completing source cards.

Big Idea

Source Cards are due today! From here, we move on to "What do I do with these books, websites, and database articles?"

Introduction: Happy Spirit Day, It's National Taco Day!

3 minutes

Today is a shortened schedule to allow for the homecoming parade; classes are 30 minutes in length, and periods have been moved around to allow for lunches to be served at their normal time. As students enter the classroom, I welcome them and hand them a copy of the survey they will complete when source cards are finished. Once the bell rings, I point out that despite it being Homecoming, I do still have high expectations of them; the source cards are still due at the end of the period. And wish them a happy "National Taco Day," before releasing them to complete their locating of sources. 

As always, the Daily Holiday serves to build a sense of community and open communication in the classroom. 

Searching for Sources, Students "In The Wild"

25 minutes

Today, students are asked to complete their source cards, making sure they have three strong sources that can support (or counter) their claims. These three days in the library provides enough time for students to locate sources, share resources if needed, and provides me an opportunity to conference with each student and provide any needed clarification or focus. 

As with the previous two days, students have free access to the library stacks and computers. As they locate potential databases, evaluate the information therein, and begin citing the sources, I circulate the room, checking they came prepared with index cards, answering questions, and discussing potential issues and conflicts with their topics. During this time, the librarian is also available to assist. The primary objectives is to: gather print and digital sources that may provide relevant information for their claims and begin to assess the usefulness of each source (W.9-10.8). The “grade” on this assignment will come from the source cards they turn in the end of period today.

As I circulate the classroom, I make sure to address two of the primary corners I have seen the past two days: students "just" copying what was in front of them without necessarily taking the time to check if something was needed or what it meant and making sure citations were in MLA format (not APA or another style). Some students prepared ahead by wisely coping and pasted the citation information to a word processor in order to efficiently create their Works Cited page later.

When I evaluate source cards in class, or when students receive them back, I attach feedback forms (blank form) in order for students to provide feedback to me and ensure their needs are being met. These feedback forms ask students to write reflectively about their work (W.9-10.10), and allow me to tailor instruction to the specific needs of students.


Two-Minute Warning: Enjoy the Weekend; Make Sure You Wrap Everything Up!

2 minutes

With two minutes remaining in the class, I approach each group of students working and note the following:

1. If they did not finish the source cards, they must be done first thing Monday. In the meantime, the grade will be entered as "Pending," which translates to a "0" in the average.

2.  If they did not finish the reflection survey, please complete it and hand it in on Monday. 

3. We will meet in the classroom on Monday; please don't forget the textbook!

4. Have a great weekend, enjoy the football game (if going), be safe after the dance (if going), and relax.