Rational Functions Test

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Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of simplifying rational expressions and modeling and solving rational equations.

Big Idea

A summative assessment incorporating both skills and modeling problems.


50 minutes

There are two versions of this test which I pass out in a check board pattern.  This test is a combination of simplifying rational expressions, solving and graphing rational equations, and modeling simple rational functions.

These tests where created with Kuta Software, an amazing resource for secondary mathematics teachers. 


I offer a variety of Extra Credit puzzles for students who finish early and have no make up work to complete.  This includes, but is not limited to; sudoku, mathdoku, logic problems, picture mazes, and pixel puzzles. A couple of my favorites are: Griddlers  and  Concept is puzzles

Both sites offer a number of free puzzles as well as purchasable books. Pixel Puzzles are a particular favorite.  The Mathdoku are also great.  They can increase a student's numeracy abilities if done regularly.